Living two miles from the office, I rarely leave the area around SE Boise and Downtown.  I mean, I have virtually everything I could possibly need in my neighborhood why would I?

That's not an exaggeration.  From my apartment I'm within in walking distance from two gyms, a drug store, Albertson's, Dollar Tree, Subway, oil change place, two gas stations, liquor store, Starbucks, Dairy Queen and several sit down restaurants. My Southeast Boise neighborhood is seemingly perfect, but here's always potential for it to get even better and I know just the way to do it! Fill the eyesore that is the old Gordman's store on Parkcenter.

For some reason the tenants that occupy that unit seem to be jinxed.  It was once home to a Kmart that went out of business in 2003.  It sat totally vacant until Gordman's came into the neighborhood in 2014, but that party was short lived as well.  After Gordman's filed for bankruptcy, Stage Stores stepped in to buy the brand and only kept two of the Treasure Valley stores open.  They shuddered the Parkcenter location in April 2017.  So there it sits, empty once again.

We've heard rumors that Albertsons was looking into or has already purchased the space for an IT center or to expand the set store that they already have set up in the bordering unit...but in a perfect world, one of these things would move into the old Gordman's!

1) Hobby Lobby

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Hobby Lobby In ACA Contraception Case
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The crafter in me selfishly wants a Hobby Lobby in the neighborhood! I was having a full blown conversation with Jeff Connell today when he stopped at mid-sentence and asked where I got the station t-shirt I was wearing.  I proudly told him "I made it!" I have a Cricut machine so I love making anything from funny coffee mugs and canvas signs to oversized paper cartoon characters and Christmas ornaments. I just added a Cricut Easy Press to my craft arsenal, so I plan on making some pretty cool t-shirts in the near future.

I'd love a Hobby Lobby because not only could I pick up supplies for my machine there, they've got every single thing I could possibly need for my latest craft addiction: glass blocks, wooden boards, a great selection of shirts, ribbon and more.  Their selection is so much better than what I can find in the nearby Joann Fabric's on Federal Way, but I hate having to drive all the way out to BFE between Meridian and Eagle to shop at the existing Hobby Lobby.  This would be the perfect location for a Boise location!

2) Target

Target To Raise Minimum Wage As Labor Market Tightens
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At one point Kmart and Target were pretty similar stores, but over the years Target has evolved into a pop culture phenomenon! The phrase "Target Run" is now in the vocabulary of most people in the Treasure Valley and we know what those "Target Runs" are like right? Go in for toilet paper, come out with $200 of things we didn't mean to buy...everything from electronics to new outfits to home decor.


Swedish Flag Flies At Half Mast In Tribute To Ikea Founder
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If you can visualize the neighborhood that we're talking about, there's not a better place for an IKEA.  There's a ton of apartment complexes lining Parkcenter and most of them are occupied by single, young professionals out on their own for the first time or young families who are just getting started.  That's a gold mine for a furniture store that carries not just attractive furniture pieces, but pieces that are relatively easy to put together! And admit it.  You wouldn't mind having some of their famous meatballs while you shopped!

4) Indoor Go-Kart Track

"Autobahn Raser" film preview and party
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Southeast Boise is great for recreation! We're close to the Greenbelt, a short drive to the put in for the Boise River at Barber Park and have enough room for volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis and pickleball at Baggley Park.  Of course all of those options are dependent on having great weather conditions.  We need something fun and accessible in the winter months too, so why not an indoor go-kart track? Fast Lane just seems so far away and we hate having to get through the Flying Y to get there.

5) Dunkin Donuts...and some other stuff

Dunkin' Brands Net Income Doubles In Second Quarter
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Let's be honest, Dunkin Donuts doesn't need that big of a space to operate in, but I've wanted one in Boise forever.  It's not because I love their donuts (because honestly, outside of their Boston Kreme donuts, I'm not much of a donut fan at matter where they're from.) I just adore their coffee! Compared to some other options for quick coffee in the Treasure Valley, it's far more affordable and packs way more of a caffeine boost.  Buying their ground coffee in the stores just isn't the same as having it direct from a brick and mortar location. Plus their chocolate chip muffins are amazing!

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