I think we can all agree that teachers are pretty special people and there's no doubt that you appreciate them filling your mini's head with knowledge.  So what do you get them for Christmas?

Jump on Etsy and search "teacher gifts."  The number of adorable, handmade gifts seems infinite! From mugs and key chains to tote bags and jewelry, there's hundreds of options and all of them seem perfect! As a crafter in my spare time, I really want to believe these cute personalized gifts are what Treasure Valley teachers want to receive from their students...but we asked the experts and we couldn't be more wrong!

According to teachers who participated in our Facebook poll, these are the five most in demand gifts for teachers in 2018! (I mean one can only have so many coffee mugs with their names on it, right? T here was also a request for NO candy gifts this year!)

  • Classroom Supplies

    We didn't realize how many teachers are on the hook for buying their own classroom supplies.  Sure, they get a little help from students at the beginning of the year, but by December the stock of some essential classroom items has dwindled.  Classrooms could really use some new expo markers, art supplies, tissues, disinfecting wipes and band aids.  Not sure what would benefit your son or daughter's classroom? Just ask! The teacher probably already has a list handy!

  • Coffee Gift Cards

    What makes you think that teachers are any different than the rest of us who can't function at work until we've had our shot of caffeine? Gift cards for Starbucks, Dutch Bros and Black Rock are in high demand this year!

  • Monetary Donations

    This goes back to the "did you know how many teachers have to buy their own supplies" question. Boise Public Schools has a program set up called "Thank a Teacher" where you can donate online to your son or daughter's classroom. Simply indicate which teacher you'd like to donate the money to and then that teacher will receive the funds for their classroom or project.  If your mini is in the Boise Public School system, you can click HERE to "Thank a Teacher!"

  • Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

    Until we asked teachers what they could actually use for Christmas, we had no idea Teachers Pay Teachers existed! TpT is an open marketplace where teachers can share, sell and buy original teaching resources for their classrooms. The founder of the marketplace realized his students did the best when he worked in some ideas from other educators.  These were another huge request from Treasure Valley teachers and you can buy one HERE!

  • Handwritten Note

    Personalized gifts from students are priceless, but there's only so much room on the tree for a hand print ornament from every, single student year after year.  If your child really wants to make something for their incredible teacher, have them write their teacher a note.  These are a lot easier for teachers to hang on to and store!

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