I was initially told that learning how to blog would be a "piece of cake!"

Well, I've been mastering all the technosteps one day at a time.  However, there is the frustration of occaisionally getting knocked off the network, or my computer freezes up or I'll hit the wrong key and then suddenly I'm back to square one.  For instance I've been fighting with one particular insert key thing-a-ma-bob technique that I was shown today and it's just not gonna happen for me today.  I've attempted to "publish" this to the 107.9 Lite FM website several times now but my server keeps kicking me off, the picture I want to use is probably the wrong size etc. etc.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions for future blog postings.  So by all means please feel free to leave a comment in the little section below.

However, during this whole process I have discovered that blogging does have something to do with cake.   Blogging is not so much a "piece of cake" for me it's more like "frosting a cake."  There comes a time when you have to stop fussing with it and leave it be or you'll just wind up with a lopsided mess and crumbs in your frosting.