According to USA Today, Americans plan to spend WAY more on Halloween this year than they did in 2020. 

The National Retail Federation expects Americans to collectively spend more than $10.14 BILLION in 2021. If that's the way the numbers play out, that would be a new record, surpassing the $9.09 billion dollars spent in 2017.

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Spending money on costumes is a big part of that money and what we love is that so many fur moms and dads in the Treasure Valley include their pets in their costume shopping! We asked our listeners to send us photos of their pets in costumes on Facebook and they delivered!

We figured that after the week that Boise's had, you could use a timeline cleanser and a reason to smile. These adorable dogs, cats, guinea pigs and bearded dragons will make it happen!

Boise's Best Pet Halloween Costumes

Is there anything more wholesome than pets in costumes? Thank you to all the fur moms and fur dads who sent these our way!

8 Popular Halloween Costume Ideas for Boise Kids

The hottest kids' costumes this year will be based on movies and video games, so you'll be seeing these at your doorstep on Sunday, October 31. Now, to decide what kind of candy to pass out...

Treasure Valley Trunk-Or-Treat Guide 2021

Spooky Season is here and before you know it, the kids will be dressed up in their costumes and on the hunt for their favorite sweets! This is a round up of Trunk-Or-Treat events currently set for this Halloween season! Click the event for more details about what they have planned. Some have costumed contests. Others have adoptable pets in costume. If you're hosting one and would like to be added to our list click HERE.

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