Surveys show that on average, Americans spend 23 hours on summer road trips each year. Fun and somewhat bizarre roadside attractions like these are a fun way to break up unplanned potty breaks and little passengers screaming “Are we there yet?”

They also provide some incentive for grown-up passengers who have the inability to stay away during a road trip, to fight their drooping eyelids. Some of these attractions are so odd, that it would be a crime to miss a chance to snap a photo of or with them! 

Image via Worthpoint
Image via Worthpoint

There are well over 100 historical, interesting or just downright weird things to see as you’re driving across the Gem State, but we pulled 15 of the most interesting to show you.

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If these happen to be along the route of the next trip you have planned for the family, you could turn them into a fun scavenger hunt game to keep everyone from getting bored! 

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