How many times have you seen a personalized license place that made you laugh out loud? Some of these are pretty funny, but you won't see them on Idaho roads anytime soon. 

I'll be honest, when I was younger I always dreamed of getting a personalized license plate...but then I grew up, turned out to be extremely nervous behind the wheel and far from the world's best driver so it's probably better that I don't have something drawing more attention to my car. Plus, I'm not willing to pay an extra $30 a year to renew the plates that I already had to pay an extra $50 for when I got them!

If you're thinking about getting personalized plates for your car, you'll need to think up a phrase made up of at least one alpha character and no punctuation marks. You're allowed up to pick up to seven characters. According to a pamphlet from the Idaho Transportation Department, the plates are not allowed to carry a sexual term that is vulgar, obscene, or in poor taste.  ITD will also reject plates that include terms that are considered to be one of obscenity, contempt, prejudice, hostility, insult, racial or ethnic degradation, profanity or vulgarity.

It's pretty hard to pull a fast one on them because when you apply for your personalized plates, you are required to enter the meaning of your first, second and third choices...but people still try!

KTVB got their hands on a list of 139 plates that got rejected by ITD last year.  Some of these are kind of funny but violate their rules above.  Here's 10 of those plates that made us giggle or fear the person in the car sitting next to us! You can view the whole list HERE. 

If  you're easily offended or under the age of 18, be warned there is a suggestion to strong language in this gallery. 

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