Someone recently posed a question to Twitter, in search of help.

They needed to buy birthday gifts for three very different people, with just a few days to do it. So, where should they go? Where are the best places in Boise to get this done?


We loved the information that was given by locals eager to help, and so we decided to add in a few of our own favorites as well and then share this knowledge with all of you!

You never know when you’ll be scrambling in this exact same situation, so this is great information to have in your back pocket.

Also, Valentine's Day is creeping around the corner, so if you haven't bought your special someone a gift yet, perhaps this is your sign to do that.


So listed below are 10 of the best stores in Boise for finding random gifts. The first seven are located right in the heart of downtown, within walking distance to one another, and the last few are just a little bit further out.

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