A true small, but growing, town with a lot of character – and just 18 miles south of Boise, Idaho. According to the City of Kuna, “Kuna is one of the fastest growing communities in the Boise Metro with a 29.25% growth from 2010-2017. Future population estimates for Kuna is 45,019 by 2040.” These numbers are probably even higher now, as Kuna has continued to skyrocket in growth over that last 2 or 3 years.

Since so many people are looking into Kuna, but at the same time, so many people don’t know very much about Kuna, I thought I’d share my favorite things about this amazing city.

10 Awesome Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kuna

Idaho Get Up Close with Camels in Kuna

The Airbnb experience is by Lisa who has been a devoted camel owner for four years. She calls the camels gentle giants and is passionate about sharing them with others.

See Everything There is To Do at The Farmstead Pumpkin Patch in Kuna, Idaho

Lowe Family Farmstead has been around for decades and as you can tell when you go there has been well cared for. Adults and kids were all happily wore out by the time we wrapped things up and headed toward the exit. I had no idea all of the fun and adventurous activities that were in store for us.

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