Oh boy, this might make you a little crazy.  One company is offering to pay bonuses to women who will wear short skirts to work and the policy is being called 'disgusting' and 'sexist' on social media.

The company has actually listed qualifications for the length of the skirt, like no longer than five centimeters above the knee.  And to be eligible for the bonus, women have to send photographic proof of themselves wearing it to the company.

The Russian aluminum company, Tatprof, claims the campaign isn't sexist and a spokesperson said 60 women had taken part already.

The attire of choice appears to be "trousers" at the company and they're hoping that offering a bonus will help women "feel their femininity and charm when they make the choice of wearing a skirt or dress."

It's an aluminum company, remember?  How dressed up would we need to be?  Trousers seem like they might be a lot safer in that environment.  And in yoga pants, we might be even more comfortable, productive, and in the mood to crank out aluminum, although we would not bonus-worthy.

I doubt that this money-for-skirts incentive would ever happen at a Treasure Valley company because companies here are so...well, sensible.

Ladies, whether you're rocking the skirt and heels today or Bermuda shorts and sneakers, you look good.  And we know the outfit is not where the power comes from anyway.

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