The most watched Netflix show right now is Squid Game. If you don't know what that is, you don't understand 90% of the memes circulating the web right now. Also, you're missing out on a quality series. The premise of the show: "Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children's games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits with deadly high stakes. A survival game that has a whopping 45.6 billion-won prize at stake." (IMDb)

Aren't we all cash-strapped right about now? Yes. So why not have our very own Squid Game? Obvi take the deadly out of it. But here's the idea:

- Idaho billionaire, Frank VanderSloot donates the prize money of $45.6 million
- Everyone in severe debt can apply to be a contestant and 456 players are chosen from the pool at random (there were 456 players in the show).
- Contestants compete in 6 children's games to be played at a huge estate like this $3.9m home in Eagle. (Boise Boys can construct the game facility)
- Players are eliminated by being shot with red paintballs, so it's still Squid Game vibes.
- Winner takes all.

BUT to make it also good for the community, the winner must donate half of their winnings to local charities of their choice. So maybe a few million to the Women and Children's Alliance and Boise Rescue Mission, or wherever else they might want so long as it's a service to uplifting the community in some fashion.

Let's say we do this once a quarter. Of course this would hinge upon Frank VanderSloot being generous with donating the cash. But maybe some philanthropic millionaires want to get together to put up the prize money. They would get front row seats to watch the games just like the richie rich folks in Squid Game, but this would be for a good cause. Not sure who I need to talk to about this, but I think it's an excellent idea.

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