Tuesday, November 8, 2016 marks a momentous day in America -- we elect a president. Perhaps more than that, though, we will finally reach the end of a campaign that has taken nastiness to a whole new level.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been the main characters in this real-life drama that has permeated our lives. We've been inundated  with rage, vitriol and finger-pointing, so much so that it has affected our health and been one of the reasons we need this year to end.

Are you sick of all the noise? You know you are. And not only has America had enough of this election, we're sick of the words that have become synonymous with it. Everything has been ampolified in 2016. It started innocently enough with "Feel the Bern" in support of Bernie Sanders and his grassroots movement and devolved into "dumpster fire," which is an easy way to describe this year.

While we're usually inundated with talk of  "down-ballot" elections and "battleground states," this year -- while still important -- they've taken a backseat to more toxic terms, like "rigged," "server," "crooked," "locker room talk" and "basket of deplorables" -- which is quite possibly the first expression to enter our lexicon since "wardrobe malfunction."

"Locker room talk," "pay for play" and "temperament" have all been uttered ad nauseum, as well, not to mention Donald Trump's penchant for declaring "Wrong!" during the debates. These are all words and expressions that you probably had  no idea would become as much a part of the presidential election as signs on a front lawn. It's enough to make you hit "mute" on your TV for next few months.

This has been a divisive election, but surely we can stand united in the belief that these words are driving us up a wall that Trump has promised to build.

So, tell us, which of these words or phrases that have been part of the election cycle have you sick to your stomach?

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