Wondering what you can expect from visiting Idaho's Largest Garage Sale? Here are four reasons you NEED to be there!

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    It's Only $30 to Sell Your Stuff

    Idaho's Largest Garage Sale always takes place during the spring cleaning season. Use this as a perfect time to go through your home and see what items you'd like to sell. Instead of having strangers come to your house, it costs only $30 to set up a booth and have your things viewed by thousands of locals. Even better, you can share a booth with friends, family and your neighbors! Garage sales will never be the same!

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    Entry Starts at $3

    Entry starts at just $3 for kids, and $5 for adults. It's the perfect way to enjoy a fantastic Saturday afternoon. Browse Treasure Valley's treasures along with meeting your favorite local DJs and enjoy a special celebrity guest!

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    Meet a Celebrity

    Starting in 2017, we introduced having celebrity guests at every event. This year is no different! Stop by our event to meet and take a photo with one of your favorite TV stars! Our 2018 celebrity guest will be announced soon!

  • Melissa Rogers
    Melissa Rogers

    Get Rid of Your Stuff for FREE

    We've partnered with The Arc so after you sell your items all day, anything left over at the end you can donate to charity. Enjoy knowing that you left making cash AND you were able to donate to a great cause. Best of all? Not having to drag any unwanted items back home!

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