It's no easy task to win Mary Kay's top prize in the entire company.  The coveted Pink Cadillac is what all these women are striving for.  How do you win it?  You create a team of saleswomen that learn their craft well enough to bring in more than $200,000 in six months or less.

At the top, you have what's called a Mary Kay Beauty Director.  Her job is to empower each woman that joins her team as a consultant, teaching and educating them on how to build better businesses, and also how to manage time and money.  If you do this well enough, everyone succeeds and those consultants you've trained eventually become Beauty Directors themselves getting their own shot at a brand new car.

According to East Idaho News, Tammy Brown and Jenn Kirkham are the two lucky ladies receiving pink Cadillacs for their achievements.  Both of them live in the Rexburg, Idaho area and this is the very first time that two Cadillacs have been given away at the same time and at the same place.

A big congratulations to both of these women for their hard work, sacrifice, and most of all being an inspiration to other women helping create a way to better this world through makeup products and creating opportunities to live in America the way we were all intended to.  By doing what we want and making it as big as we want.

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