Kevin and Brenda are on vacation this week and it's been my pleasure to fill-in.  This morning, a little stress as I got to the car at 4:15.  Dead battery. 

This wasn't a normal dead battery situation either.  The keyfob had worked fine to unlock the doors.  The lights were on when I got in.  Unfortunately, when I went to turn the ignition on, zero.  It was dead, dead.

I called AAA and they were amazingly responsive.  They warned me it could be up to 45 minutes for someone to be able to respond.  Made sense.  It's early.  I get it.

At the same time, I started thinking how interesting it might be if I didn't make it to work since I AM the fill-in guy that would be called when someone can't make it.

They blew me away and responded within 15 minutes.  The driver got me taken care of in record time and I made it in time for the show.

I complain when I experience poor service so I want to brag when it's good.  AAA was great today, and I appreciate it.

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