For better or worse, Boise is growing. With growth comes change. Thanks to those changes, Boise doesn't look like it did 10 years ago. Heck, some things don't even look like they did five years ago! These Google Street View photos show just how dramatically things have changed.

Earlier today, I mentioned to Marco that when I moved here Whole Foods was a dirt parking lot and it was hard for him to wrap his mind around. As long as he's been here, it's always been a grocery store. But even in the almost two years that he's lived in Boise, he's noticed changes driving down Myrtle into the station.

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For most of us, the changes don't seem super dramatic because we slowly watched new buildings go up, facades of buildings change and public art get switched up. But when you see photos of what things looked like not all that long ago next to photos of what things look like today? That's a different story! It's almost like time travel.

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Google Street View makes it easy to time travel without having to go subatomic and travel through the Quantum Realm. Since 2007, the Google Streeview Car has been driving through Boise, snapping photos. All of their photos from 2007-2019 are accessible through Google Maps, so we pulled a bunch of them to show just how much Boise has changed over the span of 12 years!

This might be fun to do again in 2022, because the Google Car is due for a visit to Ada County again sometime between May and November of this year!

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