Apple CEO Tim Cook has been ordered by a court to open the I-phone of the murdering, terrorist couple in the San Bernardino attack, but is refusing to do so.

I for one am mad, here is a chance for us to get information that more than likely would stop another attack like this one and Tim Cook is worried that it may be used again. Hey Cook, in the case of being able to stop attacks and help with keeping Americans safe, it should be used again.

Tim Cook is afraid of privacy issues, like two dead terrorists are worried about being private. I'm not a fan of the overpriced Apple products, mostly because of the snob factor of the people who use them. Sorry but I'm not a hipster, I'm good with my 2 year old Samsung that still can do more than an I-Phone and all this does is makes me to never want to have an Apple product.

Even more than my personal feelings, this has to do with being an American. I bet if Tim Cook had a relative who died in the attack, he would have the phone cracked months ago. There is no reason to keep this info from the hands of our government or if they are so worried about it, have someone use the tech to open the phone and keep it to themselves unless ordered by a court.

Is it time to Jail Mr. Cook for contempt. I would be willing to bet it would take maybe 3 days without his I-phone and he would be willing to open pretty much anything. I can see him now, sitting in the corner of his cell, rocking, sucking his thumb, muttering to himself, "yeah, Tuesday is my day to text, Tuesday."

Here is the ironic part of the equation, in China, Apple has to hand over any and all tech to not only crack phones, but the Chinese government  is also given free reign to spy on anyone in China. Both Facebook and Twitter are backing Apple, but what do those two have to lose, their stuff is public.

Time for debate, should Apple create the software they supposedly don't have, that will unlock the phone or not.

Kevin Mee

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