I have a few thoughts on the standoff in Burns, Oregon, While I think there is too much government ruling over things, the way they are now going has worn out its welcome.  Ammon Bundy, the spokesperson and leader of the group has said they would leave if the people of Malheur County want them to.  Well the people want them to leave...NOW.

The latest on the the group is, they have built a road going through an archaeological site.  Come on guys, ISIS does those sorts of things, not civilized Americans.  It's time for you to pack up and go. It's also time you have to answer for any laws you've broken and do it in a stand up way.  You've made your voices heard and with luck there will be some change for our farmers and ranchers, so they won't have to deal with the regulations that have been heaped on them the last 7 years.

I do know the way to get them out of there fast though, get rid of the media.  As soon as there are no cameras or reporters, their movement ends.  As long as they get attention, they will stay.So pack up the trucks, vans, cameras, reporters and just have them leave for a day and everything will go back to normal.

Of course that isn't going to happen, the media wants to see how things go when it all ends. If it ends with a big shootout it will make huge news, if it ends with a whimper, it will be just news and no news agency wants to miss out on the story. So expect this to go on for quite awhile, because the media is still there.

Kevin Mee