Some things just call for an expert and when it comes to finding the very best cinnamon roll in the Treasure Valley, I'm your guy. The honest truth is that I don't care much for cinnamon rolls but someone very special and close to me does. I'm just the delivery boy.

Ever since I was a kid, I have spent hours on end with my grandma--really, more than anyone else in my life. We did all sorts of things together that I will cherish for my entire life but grabbing cinnamon rolls from various places was always a favorite trip of mine. Now that I'm older and I do the driving, when she's in town for the summer like she is right now--my only task in life is to find the BEST cinnamon roll.

I have been all over the place on cinnamon roll runs for my grandma over the years and when she landed in Boise this afternoon, I had the best roll that we have found yet ready to go and in the car.

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Have you bee to this tucked away diner? Their Facebook page even says they're Boise's "best kept secret"...hopefully I don't ruin it for the regulars.

I'm talking about Chef's Hut Cafe on Franklin Road in Boise!

Chef's Hut Cafe is locally owned and operated. It's one of my favorite spots for breakfast in town. They're tucked back into a business park where you're LEAST expecting to find a local's favorite diner. Everything is amazing and this of course includes the staff.

Think you know of a better cinnamon roll in town? We're open to trying it out. Post up and share your suggestions!

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