If there's one thing that the Treasure Valley seems to not be able to get enough of--it's tacos. Yes, "Taco Tuesday" in our area could really be "Taco Everyday" and nobody would complain.

All of this said, when we realized that ONE taco truck was all over the internet, CONSTANTLY...we had to drive over and see what the hype was all about. 

Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM
Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

This afternoon, we checked out "the big yellow taco truck" that is popping up in every foodie circle around the Treasure Valley. 

We have to admit, it was everything that we hoped for, and more. About a year ago, we took an extensive tour of taco locations across the Treasure Valley and compiled a complete guide (which we will include below). However--this truck in particular was pretty new when we wrapped up that tour and admittedly, we missed it.

Most often made of goat meat--"birria" is what this truck is known for and yes, it was authentic. The good folks at La Garnacha Que Apapacha, once we ordered, said it would be about 15-minutes.

Yes, that's a wait--but no, this isn't Jack In The Box.

Everything about their birria tacos was amazing--tender meat, amazing (and very hot) salsa, perfectly crisped soft taco shells-- now, we see exactly why there is so much hype here.


Full transparency-- expect to be a messy eater with these tacos as they're far from "dry" but that's the whole point. Could I have stomached more than one? No--a little heavy for me. But the quality? Exceptional.

There are a ton of other really amazing taco trucks in the Treasure Valley, too-- check out our comprehensive guide below: 

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