We don't know if you've noticed it, but lately social media is very heavy. You can't post anything without someone saying something negative or wasting 15 seconds of their life to type a dismissive "who cares." That's why when we have to give props to a funny infographic when we see it. This account is full of them! 

If you're not following following Matt Shirley (@mattsurelee) on Instagram, you need to be. Like many of us, he loathes many of the things that come with adulthood: having to clean yourself up for an after hours work commitment, furniture being made out of particle board is no longer acceptable and realizing that when you "go out" for with your friends on a Saturday night, you're desperately looking for an excuse to bail because you rather be in bed.

To cope with these trials of adulthood, he started making infographics to at least get a couple laughs out of them. He started uploading them to Instagram and they were a smash! He's now turned to his 400,000 followers to help put them together, routinely surveying them via his Insta stories.

Every now and then, the infographics he makes are maps of the United States placing some stereotype based on his followers responses. Some of the ones about Idaho have been hilariously accurate.

The Most Overrated City in Idaho: Coeur d'Alene

I've lived in Idaho for 11 years, but just took my first trip to Coeur d'Alene in February. We had a great time on our long weekend, but I really expected it to be ritzier than it was. The resort was very nice, but with the exception of the "floating green" at the golf course, it really didn't offer anything that Shore Lodge in McCall doesn't. We'd go again, but it's tough to psych ourselves up for a seven hour drive when McCall is so much closer.

Idaho's Least Favorite State: California

While we don't endorse hating on those moving to the Gem State from California, we know that growth and the influx of folks from California are a growing pain for some Idaho natives. That's all we have to say.

The Worst Thing About Idaho: Transplants

See above.

Most Annoying Animal in Idaho: Canadian Geese

This has actually been a conversation in our office several times this week. Apparently there are two populations of Canadian Geese in Idaho. The ones that call the Gem State year round and the ones that only migrate here to annoy the crap out of us...while actually crapping all over everything. The Geese in Idaho are jerks and you know it. In fact, they're such jerks that places like HP and the VA have had to send out memos on what to do if you find yourself being attacked by a goose. Quite frankly, these safety tips are something we would've NEVER thought about.

Idaho's Favorite Quarantine Activity: Hiking and Walking

I can't help but laugh about this one a little bit, because pre-pandemic I used to spend many Saturday mornings running the trails in the Military Reserve. When the Ridge to Rivers trail system became one of the ONLY fun things to do last year, I swapped those runs for day drinking because of the increased traffic. (Just kidding. It was actually because Robie was cancelled and I no longer had a reason to torture myself climbing the hill on Shane's Loop.) Some trails saw triple the traffic that they normally do, leading to a pilot program restricting who can use some of the trails and in which direction on certain days of the week.

Idaho's Best City: Boise

Didn't Marco pretty explain this one with his "5 Reasons Boise is Better than Twin Falls" article a few weeks ago?

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