The days of screaming at the parking situation for the Boise Airport are long gone-- sort of--if you're willing to pay for this new hack.

For years, Boise has been one of the fastest growing cities in America and if you've been here for a while or especially if you are a local-- you know all about it. It's a polarizing topic and while some hate it, some don't mind, yet there's no denying how it has impacted out city.

With the growth has come a much more "bustling" airport and this has brought in flights to more destinations, more direct flights, and more options. All of these things are nice for an airport that traditionally, has been tough to fly in and out of.  The biggest problem of all, however? How about the parking.

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If you're running late to your flight at the Boise Airport and you need to leave your car, odds are you might just miss that flight. With the parking garage ALWAYS full, as well as the surrounding lots--its usually going to mean a trip to the "Economy Lot" for you-- which is nowhere convenient and you've got to wait for a tiny little shuttle to come get you.

Just the other day, Boise City Councilwoman Holli Woodings shared her experience from the shuttle--which prompted the promotion of this new airport hack:


Yes- you can now VALET your car at the airport and while it isn't cheap, it might just be the best option if you are REALLY late.

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