A Houston man, Vidal Valladares, is in trouble and faces jail time because he blocked traffic on a busy highway to propose to his girlfriend.  She did say yes by the way.  Vidal chose the place because it was his now fiance, Michelle Wycoff's favorite view of the city. It's hard to stop "Twue Wuv."

But,the problem was, he blocked traffic and caused a good sized jam. People were past angry and many of them wanted a piece of him. Phone calls to city hall are mixed, with people who got caught up in the traffic jam for the most part wanting action taken and people who weren't backing Vidal.

Officials are still trying to decide if they will charge Vidal. If found guilty of charges he faces a $2000.00 fine and up to six months in jail because of his actions.On the other hand, if found guilty of being a hopeless romantic, he faces LIFE.

I have to admit as proposals go, this is a first.

Your thoughts?

Kevin Mee