We know you're going to pass this test because you are awesome.  Hundreds though will fail it this week. 

Grocery stores are crowded this week and carts are full of turkeys, corn, and sometimes booze, and while it's interesting to snoop a little and see what other Idahoans are having for dinner, the bigger issue has to do with the cart.

After you check out and haul your sacks to the car, do you put the cart in the cart return?

The internet has chimed in and concluded that if you put it in the designated shopping cart collection area in the parking lot, you’re good. If you leave it to drift off into parking spots, you’re bad.

It's an interesting test for humanity because there is no real consequence for making the wrong decision.  The store wants us to return the cart, and it's the proper thing to do, but it's not illegal to abandon the cart.  The only real consequence for letting the cart drift might be a nick or a dent on your own vehicle the next time a wayward cart gets loose if you believe in karma.  People who return carts do it just because it's the right thing to do.

I make my girls do it.  When we go to the store and see several stray carts sitting loose in the parking lot, they know I'm going to make it a challenge to see who can grab one and get it back to the cart return the fastest.  Come on girls, it'll be fun, and we will be known as cart returning people.  If you happen to work at a store and your job is to watch parking lot surveillance video and report unusual sights, an Austin family race to the cart return might pop up.

The best parking space in the lot is not the one closest to the front door.  It's that one right next to the cart return!  Then it's no big deal to put the cart back.  It's two feet away.

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