Idaho Kick Butts Day Coming
Kids across the Gem State will join with those across the nation to unite against tobacco use on Wednesday March 21. It's appropriately called Kick Butts Day.
Should Smoking = Less Vacation?
We all know that smoking has the potential to affect our health, and most people would recommend against it. Having said that, what being a non-smoker meant you got more time off?
Should Parks Prohibit Smoking
Should smoking and vaping be banned in parks around the Treasure Valley?  One small Idaho city has decided that should be the case and other areas may follow suit.
Does Boise Still Smoke?
The price of cigarettes has increased. Smoking has been banned from quite a few bars and restaurants. There's a lawsuit that's trying to get smoking removed completely from movies that target kids.  Is smoking so marginalized that we've almost seen the end of it in Boise?
Idaho = Poor On Smoking
Most of us would probably agree that smoking is a habit worth avoiding.  The American Lung Association says Idaho isn't doing enough to deter people.

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