Air Quality

How Clean is Idaho? From Air Pollution, Clean Water and Environmental Friendliness, How do we Rank?
We are surrounded by nature and some of the most beautiful scenery available here in the gem state. From Boise the city of trees to having stunning lakes, rivers and streams throughout the state. So how clean are we really? No matter how pristine our surroundings are, every person in every state produces waste. Some though, create a lot more than others. Check out how Idaho and our surrounding states scored along with what state is the dirtiest in the nation.
The Forgotten Victims Of Boise's Poor Air Quality
There is no doubt that the wildfires in California, Oregon, Washington, and other parts of Idaho have taken their toll on the Treasure Valley. You can't look out the window or set foot outside without being reminded of the acres of wilderness being burned up...
Air Quality Is Improving
It's made for some beautiful pictures, sports cancellations, and the recommendation to stay inside, but our Treasure Valley air quality is finally improving.
More Air Quality Cancellations
All week long, the Treasure Valley has been impacted by fires in the Northwest with poor and even hazardous air quality. The hope had been it would be better today. It was not.
Air Quality = Cancellations
If you've been outside the last few days, undoubtedly, you've noticed the decline in air quality around The Treasure Valley. That "unsafe air" is now impacting high school sports.
Smokey Weather In Boise Today
You could taste it in the air today, the smoke that has moved into the Treasure Valley is substantial  The hills looked shrouded as I drove into downtown from The Connector.
Red Alert for Treasure Valley Air
As reported by KTVB, the Department of Environmental Quality has issued a red alert for the Treasure Valley due to unhealthy air. Ada and Canyon County were singled out in the alert. What exactly does a "red alert" entail? According the DEQ, children and athletic events should be held indoors and the air is unhealthy for everyone...