How many of you know that for the next few months every single Friday night will be spent on the sidelines at high school football games?

And it's not because your son is on the team, but because your son or daughter is a proud member of their school's marching band! I love a good marching band.  In fact, our school's football team was SO BAD (the last three years I was in school they went 0-10 twice and 1-9) that people only showed up to watch the band at halftime.  There's no doubt in my mind that the band kids actually practiced more hours than our football team in the summer!

And as a parent, that's something you want to encourage your student musician to do.  "Keep at it! Practice hard and one day it will pay off!" That pay off could come in the form of a music scholarship that helps pay for college...

...or it could come in the form of a role on one of the most popular Netflix series of all time! The producers behind Stranger Things are getting ready to film season 3 and are looking for marching band musicians ages 16-30 to be extras.  According to the casting call release, the extras will be asked to play two songs during filming so actual knowledge of how to play your instrument is a must!

If your student musician is chosen to be an extra, they'll be invited to the shoot near the end of October as the regular season draws to a close.

If you've got a student in one of the fantastic marching bands here in the Treasure Valley and think they'd be perfect for Stranger Things click HERE to help them apply.

If your student has already turned 18 (or you meet the age cut off of 30 years old) click HERE to apply as an adult.

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