Remaining civil with an ex is one thing, being asked whether you'd perform at her wedding to another guy is another entirely — let Shawn Mendes' recent Access Hollywood interview serve as cringe-worthy evidence.

Mendes, who was rumored to have dated Hailey Baldwin sometime this spring (you know...until she scrubbed any evidence of him from her Instagram feed), found himself scrambling for diplomacy when a reporter asked if he'd perform at Baldwin's upcoming wedding to Justin Bieber.

"Am I going to sing at the wedding? I, I, of course I would sing," Mendes says above in a moment that'll surely make you want to cover your eyes and jump into a hole. "I have not been invited yet but I'm sure something will happen soon."

Mendes previously told The Project that he texted Baldwin when news of her engagement to Bieber broke, and that he only sends his rumored ex well wishes.

"I texted Hailey the day of and said 'Congrats,'" he said, before shutting down the idea that he and Bieber have begun to harbor resentments for each other. "Everybody wants there to be more [of a feud] and there's not."

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