The reunion you've been waiting for since 2013 is finally happening, but you're stuck at work instead of seeing it happen live in Hollywood. It's a historic moment that you can't miss, so we researched how to experience it in the Treasure Valley! 

The last time all five guys were together was the millisecond they performed together during Justin Timberlake's "Michael Jackson Video Vanguard" performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.  Lifelong *NSYNC fans, like me, kept our fingers crossed hoping that it would happen again during JT's Super Bowl halftime show and were bummed when it didn't.

Well turn those frowns upside down, fellow fangirls! They guys are getting back together today to accept the 2,636th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  As a band, the guys have sold 30 million records in the United States and their No Strings Attached arena tour sold out in record time.  They'll receive the honor 20 years in the making from friend Ellen Degeneres and the man who introduced them countless times on TRL, Carson Daly.

The guys have no plans to make new music together or do a reunion tour, but according to HollywoodLife, there is a chance that the guys may perform together at the star ceremony.  A source close to the band tells the celebrity blogger that they may do a medley of their biggest hits or something acapella as a treat for the fans that have supported them for over 20 years.

The ceremony happens at 12:30 p.m. MT and will be streamed live on the Hollywood Walk of Fame's official website. We've embedded the link for the broadcast, but just in case it doesn't pop up on your computer or smart phone, you can find it on!


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