Over the past few weeks, we've had a lot of new people come visit the station to interview for positions in our company. They've all asked me the same question. "Which NFL team does Boise root for?" 

I think we can all admit the pocket of Cowboys fans in the Treasure Valley got a little bigger thanks to so many former BSU players making their roster and Kellen Moore holding down the offensive coordinator role (for now.) We've seen some decent sized groups of 49ers, Raiders and Broncos fans too, but I think we can all agree that Boise predominately roots for the Seattle Seahawks.

If you're nodding your head yes as you're prepping your blue and green for Sunday's Divisional show down against the Green Bay Packers, did you know there's a group of people hoping that you'll join them for the game?

Boise has it's very own chapter of the "Sea Hawkers," the official booster club of the Seattle Seahawks and it was started by someone who's probably a lot like you. (After all, you did click this article to see where this official meet-up is, didn't you?)

Maria Santa Cruz-Cernik launched a Seahawks fan page on Facebook in 2015 simply to see where Treasure Valley based fans watched their team on Sundays. Over 300 fans flocked to her page and she determined it was time to start putting together the paperwork to become an official Sea Hawkers chapter so that they could not only support the team together, but share their official viewing party location with other 12s through the Sea Hawkers website.

Want to join them for the game this weekend? Their meet-up is at WilliB's Saloon at 12505 W Chinden Blvd in Boise. Kick off is at 4:40 on Sunday, January 12.

Not able to join these Seahawks fanatics this weekend, but are interested in meeting them for (hopefully) another playoff game or next season? You can connect with the group through their Facebook page. That's where you can also see some of the cool prizes they give away to fans during meet-ups like autographed photos!

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