In the words of Olivia Rodrigo, "it's brutal out here" in the dating world. Was it easier to date back in the day? Hard to tell. But the methods of finding a date were vastly different just 15 years ago. I remember meeting a partner online being considered taboo. In fact, a good friend of mine had a fake "how we met" story about her husband because she was embarrassed to admit they found love over MySpace.

But these days finding a partner online/via dating app is the norm. There are dozens of apps dedicated to finding you a match. They all differ in some way or another, but just about every single one has this feature in common: profile photos of your potential mate. And for good reason! You've got to have that initial physical attraction to someone before anything else, and let's not pretend otherwise. So having the right picture is a must.

We asked the lovely ladies of Idaho on Facebook to weigh in on a controversial type of photo men have been using in their profiles for years: holding a fish they caught. Is this acceptable to post, or is it unattractive?

Most argued it's actually important to have a photo like that, as it's an indicator of a man's interests:

"I think you probably need to know what that person’s interests are and if hunting/fishing/sports is a big part of their life, that factors into whether or not they are a good fit for you." - Angela M.

"You're in Idaho. Plus you have to know what their interests are." - Krystynne C.

"I would never bash someone for sharing an activity they love or are passionate about. It doesn't make them "unattractive" at all." - Dee B.

" I like pictures that show a glimpse of a man’s interests." - Marianne Z.

So fish pictures aren't a red flag, but steer clear of filters and gym and bathroom selfies. Those are the real deal breakers. So carry on with those profile photos, Idaho fishermen looking for love. The ladies aren't mad at you for it.

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