As I approach my one-year milestone of living in Boise, I have to reflect on all of the amazing things that I've seen and experienced since moving here. Being from Texas, I immediately appreciated the weather that Idaho has to offer as well as the incredible mountains. Some people still laugh at me and say they're not mountains; while that may be true on a technical level, to me, they're definitely mountains.

Outside of nature, the people here are amazing and downtown nightlife is as vibrant as ever. Unfortunately, there are people that have visited Boise who didn't have the experience I've had. While I struggle to understand how people can despise someone for simply being from the state of California, there are reviews of Boise that explicitly state Idaho's problems are a result of "incoming Californians." While I wrap my arms around the incredible scene that is Boise nightlife, there are reviews that complain that Boise has nothing to offer.

I will say that it's hard to disagree with people who don't want Idaho to become "overcrowded" but I still can't find it in myself to conjure hate toward anyone who wants to live here. In some of the reviews of Boise, people blame everything they think is wrong with Idaho on people who want to be here. It's a weird dynamic for sure but there are also people who say Boise is "boring."

So, without further ado, let's get into ten reviews of Boise that are absolute savagery. Do you agree with any of these reviews?

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