If you haven't given your bike a spring tune-up yet, now's the perfect time to do it!

Sometimes, you get brilliant ideas that don't really plan out the way you want them to.  A few years ago, I eagerly awaited my tax return to spend on a nice cruiser bike.  Living so close to the office, I thought I'd ride it to and from work all the time. After I coughed up the money for it, the reality is I ride my bike one day a year...Race for the Cure.  They close off my street at 6 a.m. on race day morning and it's the only way for me to get to the start line.

Riding it home on Saturday, I told myself that I really should use it more often.  Cruising down the Greenbelt on my bike gave me a different appreciation of my surroundings that I have when I've got my game face on for a training run!

Do you have a similar relationship with your bike? If it's sitting in the garage, collecting dust this is the week to clean-it up! Need a little motivation to actually do it? Goody's is offering you FREE ice cream if you ride your bike to visit them on Tuesday or Wednesday! It's all part of Boise Bike Week!

Simply ride your bike (and wear your helmet) to Goody's in Hyde Park on Tuesday, May 14 or Wednesday, May 15 anytime between 3-6 p.m. and you'll receive a FREE scoop of ice cream.  While helmets are not required by law for cyclists in Boise, they are an absolute must if you want your scoop of creamy goodness this week.

The free ice cream giveaway is just one of the fun events going on during Boise Bike Week! Check out what else is going on throughout the week HERE!

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