Our state of Idaho will soon join most others with multiple area codes.  While we've had the ability to just use 7-digit dialing, that will soon come to an end.  Ready for 986? 

That's our second area code, as 986 will join 208 and we will need to use 10-digit dialing when we make calls, even inside the local metro area.  This will not mean a change to your current 208 numbers, only new lines will get the 986 prefix.

This change is needed because Idaho will run out of 208 phone numbers by mid-2018.  10-digit dialing will begin November 5th, and will be required in a year.

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission will be holding workshops across the state to help orient us with changes.  The one workshop in the Treasure Valley will be held October 4th, at 7pm, at the PUC Hearing Room at 472  W. Washington Street in Boise.