My Team Run Boise family and fiance can tell you I was a hot freakin' mess during the week leading up to my first Race to Robie Creek...but should I have really been that scared?

Image via Sawtooth Pros

The Race to Robie Creek has long been known at "the Toughest Race in the Northwest."  It's sells out in minutes every year. Lingo like "muscle cramping, toe jamming, bone jarring, steepest, most grueling" in the race's course description is enough to make you have second thoughts if you were lucky enough to get in. The only wonderful part of the tales from my fellow runners were the parts about the post-race party, nothing about the course.  No wonder I was scared to death lining up for the start last Saturday!

I was fully expecting to say the words "never again" after I crossed the finish line, but by the time I reached the end of the finish chute I knew that I would try to get in for the race again next year! The 13.1 miles Robie course wasn't nearly as bad as the grueling as the race poised to overthrow it for the title of "the Toughest Race in the Northwest."

Image via Final Kick Events

Last year I made it my goal to run once race a month, every month in 2016.  With Boise Music Festival falling in June, my only option for a June race was the "Bruneau Beast."  I knew the race was tough and I knew the course went up the spine of the Bruneau sand dunes, so I just signed up for the 5K.  HOLY HELL! It was the absolute hardest race I've run in the 16 years that I've been running.  It was windy, there was sand in my eyes, my legs were on fire climbing the dunes while I struggled to find footing on the loose sand.  And the amount of sand that got in my socks? I had a three pound ring of sand around each of my ankles by the time I came stumbling across the finish line. It sliced my ankles open. I was 26 minutes slower in this 5K race than my normal time!

Image via Final Kick Events

Don't believe me? The winner at this year's Race to Robie Creek ran just under 1:17.  Last year's winner in the half marathon at the Bruneau Beast? They finished in 2:10. No doubt, this was was the HARDEST RACE ON THE PLANET!

I said "never again" when I crossed the finish line but in the back of my mind, I know that's BS.  I want to do it again one day just to prove I can do it better than I did last year! But not this year.  I've got a previous engagement kicking off the party at the Boise Music Festival, but you've got plenty of time to run the race, shower and make it back to Boise in time to see Flo-Rida take the stage at Expo Idaho!

This year's Bruneau Beast is on Saturday, June 24th.  Think you have what it takes to conquer the "toughest race on the planet?" Sign-up for the challenge HERE!