News is breaking that President Joe Biden will be visiting the Pacific Northwest this coming week and Idaho is not on his itinerary.

Here's a look at what Biden's visit to Boise several months ago looked like: 

President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.

While the President of the United States did not get out into public territory at all, those who are not fans of his did not skip a beat to line up outside, anyway. 

Over the years, Idaho has been host to the President of the United States only a few times. President George W. Bush visited years ago and asked the Mayor of Nampa to do something about the potholes. Presidential candidate Barack Obama visited Boise on the campaign trail--as did Bernie Sanders.

What brings President Biden to our neck of the woods? It's all about infrastructure. The trip begins on Thursday, April 21st when the President will touch down in Portland, Oregon. On Friday, President Biden will head up to Seattle, Washington where clean energy is said to be on the agenda.

With a record forest-fire year on the way, many thought that President Biden might check up on Idaho but he has no plans to do so. Speaking to infrastructure, Biden's plan to expand Amtrak service across the nation also totally ignores Idaho.

Idaho loves to, President Biden! Why don't you love us back!?

For now, we will just have to look up into the friendly skies and wave as Air Force One flies over!

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