Sriracha lovers everywhere, you may want to take a seat for what we’re about to tell you:

The makers of this delicious hot sauce, Huy Fong Foods, have suspended their production until after Labor Day.

What does this mean??



There is going to be a nationwide Sriracha shortage… all. summer. long.

Why is the production suspended?

Huy Fong Foods wrote an email to its customers, explaining that summer sales would be suspended “due to weather conditions affecting the quality of chili peppers.”


Basically, there is a severe and unprecedented shortage of chilis right now – particularly chilis of good quality. 

How does this differ from other shortages?

The other shortages we’ve been experiencing, especially with the onset of the pandemic, have been mainly because of supply-chain issues. 

We’re talking about toilet paper and baby formula, for example.

But the Sriracha shortage differs because it’s actually due to the strange weather we’ve been experiencing around the world.

Some have wondered if climate change is to blame for this extraordinary phenomenon, and what other agricultural issues we can expect in the future?


How serious is this issue?

Well, we don’t know about you, but this is our favorite hot sauce and condiment – hands down. We put it on eeeeeverything.

And apparently we’re not the only ones. 

We went to three different grocery stores around downtown Boise just today, and there was not a single Sriracha bottle in sight. 

Stephanie Gull, Townsquare Media
Stephanie Gull, Townsquare Media


Stephanie Gull, Townsquare Media
Stephanie Gull, Townsquare Media


So we’re not trying to be dramatic or anything, but we are devastated.

A whole summer without our beloved hot sauce??

What an incredible buzzkill.

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