As we sat there and chowed down on our favorite tacos, my friend Kimberly said "You know what? This place has gotten so popular that they're going to need a second location soon!" 

We went to Tin Roof Tacos on Broadway to grab dinner before the Team USA vs Brazil indoor soccer friendly a few weeks ago.  When we walked in we were shocked to see how packed it was and were lucky we were able to find a place to sit! That's why my friend made the comment about the local taco shop needing a second location.

Well, thanks to our friend Don at BoiseDev, we know that that's actually in the works! Tin Roof is planning to add a second location at McMillan and Linder in the Northpointe Plaza. It's unclear when that location might open.

The Boise taco shop was created by two sisters who moved to the Treasure Valley from Texas.  According to Tin Roof's website, they were homesick for fresh tacos from those neighborhood Texas taco stands, so they decided to bring a little bit of the Lodestar State to Boise.  Sticking to the simplicity, size and made from scratch properties of traditional street tacos, the sisters have created a huge variety of different style street tacos.

Boise's where I discovered my love of street tacos and Tin Roof's Baja Shrimp tacos are my favorite in the Treasure Valley! Team Run Boise introduced me to their breakfast tacos (served all day) a few weeks ago so I'm also hooked on their Black Bean, Egg and Cheese and Steak, Egg and Cheese tacos!

Taco Food Truck Gets Brick and Mortar Store Front

Boise Dev reveals that another local taco favorite is planning to expand, as well.  "The Funky Taco" is planning to move into the Mongolian Grill & Bar location that closed on 8th Street at the end of July. We don't know when it'll be open, but as we walked past it on the way to Old Chicago on Sunday, it looks like some sort of construction is underway!

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