A little less than a year ago, Treasure Valley Skate announced construction in the State Street space formerly known as 20th Century Lanes.  They hope to open by the end of the month! 

Flashback to 2017

When new roller rink, Treasure Valley Skate, changed their address to 4712 W State Street on their Facebook page, things got a little awkward. The public soon put together that it was the address of 20th Century Lanes which occupied the space for almost six decades.  The rink clarified that they learned of a lease being available after it was listed on a commercial real estate site and that they'd not purpousley tried to oust 20th Century Lanes.  They went on to say they admired the bowling alley and it's history in the Treasure Valley.  The bowling alley's offer for the lease was rejected, opening the opportunity for Treasure Valley skate to move in.

Treasure Valley Skate officially took occupancy of the building on November 1, 2017 and has been hard at work transforming the space over the past few months.

Treasure Valley Skate Opens for Business

The new rink dealt with a few bumps in the road as they prepared for their grand opening.  Because of how much construction was happening in the Treasure Valley it took them a while to find someone who was available to install their Vinyl Composition Tile. Someone came through and the building underwent its final inspections last week.  They got the green light to open and will operate six days a week (Tuesdays are closed for private parties!)

For hours and pricing information for both open skate and rentals click HERE.

We're so excited for the owners Scott and Tammy! Welcome to town Treasure Valley Skate!

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