Fridays are the absolute best, am I right? Because it’s almost the weekend! Well, I have more good news for you. Today is National Fun at Work Day :)

The last Friday of every January is always Fun at Work Day, and it’s definitely something underrated in my opinion. Why are we not talking about this more?! Or, is this common knowledge, and I’ve just been living under a rock?

Either way, this is definitely something worth celebrating. You survived the first month of 2022 – go have some fun! Remind your coworkers what day it is and celebrate your wins.

According to National Today, “National Fun at Work Day was created to foster happiness and humor in the office and bring employees together. So, rally your coworkers and bosses and brainstorm ways to best celebrate."

Whether you’re celebrating today or planning for next year, here are 3 fun ways to have fun around the office.

3 Fun Ways to Have Fun Around the Office

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