When we got back from the "Mee at Sea" cruise, I got an appointment at Ada West Dermatology.  I went through all the initial appointments and then came surgery day. It was a Friday afternoon (I wanted the weekend to recuperate), I was all numbed up and prepped in a surgery chair with my face in one of those face hickey things.  You know the ones I'm talking about, you put your face in it for a massage and when you're done everyone knows what you were doing, yeah that one.

Dr. Burr (pictured) started working on the now watermelon size lump (actually it was the size of a walnut) on the base of my neck, when he said "Uh-oh".  Now I could get all flowery and do the he said, I replied, he exclaimed and all that, but I'm not.  I'm going to put down the conversation with "Me" and "Dr. Burr".  I'm pretty sure you will be able to follow it. Remember I'm talking with my face toward the floor, looking through that hickey thingy, while he is sitting off to the side looking down at the base of my neck.

Me:  So, I've heard the Cosby "OOP's" routine, what's up.

Dr.Burr:  It's a tumor.

Me:  I said it's a tumor.

Dr.Bur:  I know and I was willing to bet you a million dollars it wasn't.

Me: Great now you tell me. OK so what's the big deal?

Dr. Burr:  Well, we're going to have to get you downtown and into surgery.

Me:  I thought that's what were doing now, why do I have to go downtown?

Dr. Burr: Because it's growing down into your spine.

Me:  OK, does downtown have anything you don't have?

Dr. Burr: No, I have all the latest equipment.

Me:  Do they have as much experience as you doing this?

Dr. Burr: No, I'm as experienced as anyone in the valley.

Me:  So why do I have to go downtown when I'm already cut open and sitting here?

Dr. Burr:  Because they're going to have to put you out so you stay perfectly still and don't move.

Me:  Well Doc, I'm not moving so knock yourself out.

At that moment the whole mood of the room changed, Dr. Burr canceled the rest of his appointments for that afternoon and went to work removing 5 tumors.

For those of you who haven't heard "OOPS", YouTube "Bill Cosby, OOPS" and you will understand.

Kevin Mee


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