I'll continue with my story later today, but for now I have to follow my heart.

We get Christmas wishes each year from people who have cancer and are at a stage where doctors have pretty well given up.  So their Christmas is filled with the wonderful thoughts that it will be their last.

On one hand, having cancer, you really want to fight with everything you have, hoping for a miracle. On the other hand, you get tired of the poking, the scans, the surgeries, the radiation, the Chemo in many cases, and the pain.  People don't understand that cancer hurts and you get real tired of it not going away. So for some when they get that "there's nothing more that we can do," speech, it's almost a relief.  Can you imagine feeling relief that it will be your last Christmas?

I still don't believe in Chemo and my doctors know it.  As you read my chapters of "My Life With Cancer," you will see some of the fights I've gone through.  I was flat out told without Chemo, I wouldn't last a year, that even though it wouldn't cure me, it would at least knock the cancer down. The first time I heard that one was over 11 years ago.

It was only a few years ago that my doctors finally said, "Don't ever let anyone talk you into Chemo, it will kill whatever is keeping your cancer from exploding." It was also at that time when the, what I call "suits" had a sit down with me and told me if I gave any sort of advice to anyone without being a doctor, I would go to jail.

As you read my blog you will eventually find out how I've been able to make tumors vanish and keep my cancer at a sub-cellular level. But right now, I'm going to give you the basics of what I do. There are four things I do.

1. I visualize my cancer being gone every day, I use my mind to visually kill cancer cells and tumors.

2. I exercise, both with weight lifting and with aerobics and I don't take it easy, I push myself and make my body sweat out the toxins that cause cancer.

3. Clean up your diet. I got rid of the everyday junk and processed foods.  I can eat as clean as I can handle, but you have to limit, fats, sugar (my biggest vice) and processed meats, especially pork, I could explain the reason for pork but it would take awhile.

4.Finally my supplements. When I managed to make 4 out of 5 tumors vanish over a 6 month period, I took 3000mg Green Tea Extract, 400mg Co Enzyme Q10, and a slew of other antioxidants, blueberries, tomato's catsclaw, grape seed extract, but the main ones that come to find out that made the difference was the CoQ10 and Green Tea Extract.  The Doctor that figured it out takes it daily and has his entire staff on it and I get these items anywhere vitamins are sold.  I do get name brand and check out their purity before hand.

I'm not the only one who is doing this to beat cancer, my dad was diagnosed with Bone Cancer about 5 years ago and he did and does the same things I do.  His bone cancer not only stopped, but two of the three spots vanished, and the third on is barely there and not growing. My dad is 78 and I would do anything to keep him around another 30 years.

I'm only telling you what I did and do, I can't suggest you do it at all or I will be prosecuted and end up in jail.  I'm also sure I will take some abuse for this blog, but if it helps, if it makes any sort of difference, it will be worth it.

Kevin Mee

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