I'm no saint when it comes to food, I love to eat, I enjoy food and what you eat can help you fight cancer.  Take last night for instance,  I had a garden salad with tomato, avocado and cashews with a tablespoon of Lighthouse Blue Cheese dressing. If you would have told me when I was a kid that I would love that for dinner, I would have said "Shoot me now".  But that's the point, we can adapt.

Nuts,  fruits, veggies, my world is as fresh as possible.  There are too many additives that cause cancer, so why put them in your body when you have cancer.  Eat fresh, get rid of the deep fryer and only have fried stuff every once in a while.  It's hard to start but after awhile you will start to crave your new diet.

I start each day out with two apples. I also carry a bag of almonds with me, roasted with sea salt.  They're good for energy and an excellent cancer fighter, do them rather than chips.I try and eat "lite" for dinner, usually a salad. Eat 5 or 6 smaller meals a day.  If you have to figure out how big, take your hands, put your thumbs together at the bottom and your fingers at the top to make a circle, that's the size of your plate for those meals.

The secret to changing your diet is to do it one piece at a time.  Don't try to change everything at once, it's a recipe to failure.  Make eating out a special thing where you go for the experience and when you do, always take half of what you ordered home for the next day.  Change one thing a week, by the end of the year your whole diet will be different and so will you. There will be a better you and hopefully a cancer free you.

Kevin Mee