This story has had me on high alert, mainly cause I am a hiker and outdoor enthusiast but also cause this trail is just 4.5 miles up Bogus Basin road, an area many travel by.

Gretchen Parsons wrote an article for KTVB that talks about this experienced hiker who went missing just in the Boise foothills. The article states that :

Kyle Crowden, of Mountain Home, has been missing since Saturday, Feb. 9 after going for a hike in the Boise foothills, on the Dry Creek Trail, off of Bogus Basin Road.

As I read the story my heart just breaks for this mother. She just wants to find out what happened to her son. A trail he uses frequently and unfortunately the weather and conditions warranted crews to suspend the search for him.

Janet Coupe is this young man's mother and is asking if anyone is willing or in this area ( mile marker five off of Bogus Basin Road for the next few days as they continue to search for Crowden.) to help if you can.

Volunteers are searching a number of cabins located off of Bogus Basin Road as well as looking for an Eddy's ice-cream truck Coupe said she was able to locate when searching the area in a rented helicopter.

" was pushed off of river road, we're thinking he could be in that Eddy's box truck," Coupe told KTVB, describing the truck she had spotted from the copter. "...Possibly deceased but I would find him at least."

Always be prepared when going into the outdoors, don't go alone if you can help it and be prepared if something happens. If you are not experienced in the outdoors don't attempt to go out and look for this young man alone, or maybe at all. The last thing we want is someone else missing trying to locate another missing person BUT if you are an experienced hiker especially in winter lend a hand if you can.

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