"We have to go to McDonald's!" "Why?" "Szechaun Sauce is back!" 

That was the conversation my fiance and I had on the way to dinner and my next question made his draw drop. "Ok, so what's the big deal anyway?" He just stared at me in absolute horror.

Apparently the Asian style teriyaki dipping sauce was originally released in 1998 as part of Disney's promotion of Mulan.  Do you actually remember the original run of the sauce? The only think I remember about McDonald's in the 90s was eating an unhealthy amount of Happy Meals trying to get all of the Ty Teenie Beanies.

The sauce re-entered the pop culture scene after Cartoon Network's break out animated series Rick and Morty featured it as a main plot point in April 2017. The "Golden Arches" tried to capitalize on that episode by bringing back a super limited amount of Szechaun Sauce back in October.  Based on the social media's reaction to that release there wasn't nearly enough of it available.  People ended up bidding anywhere from $800 to $15,000 on eBay to bring some home to their kitchen. (Famous EDM DJ Deadmaus5 bought a 64 oz. jug for $15K but was nice enough to share it with fans.)

This time around, Mickey Ds is promising to do better.  On Monday, February 26, they'll release 20,000 packets of the sauce nationwide.  Whether you want to actually enjoy it on your McNuggets or try to sell it for cash in an on-line auction, you'll want to head to any McDonald's in the Treasure Valley ASAP to pick yours up! Once they're sold out, they're gone for good!

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