The new Onward Shay Marathon honors the memory of Boise resident Shay Hirsh who lost her battle with multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer, in 2014. 

Shay was a mom, grandma and wife who was also an avid marathoner.  The mental toughness she learned through marathon training helped her cope with her diagnosis.   Throughout her battle with cancer she would write e-mails to her friends about her struggles, not for pity but to inspire them to live a full life of courage.  She signed each e-mail "Onward! Love, Shay" and that's how the October 30th race got it's name.

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The half marathon and marathon is expected to draw 5,000 runners and walkers from all over the country including running legends Nick Symmonds (BK grad and two time Olympian,) Amby Burfoot (Boston Marathon Champion and Runner's World editor-at large,) Alexi Pappas (Rio Olympian,) Joan Samuelson (the winner of the first Olympic women's marathon) and more.

In honor of the race, Payette Brewing Company is releasing their "Onward Shay! Ruby Red IPA" on Friday night.  Brewed specifically for the race, the IPA is flavored with a healthy dose of fresh grape fruit peel.  The brewery is celebrating it's release on October 7th from 5-10 p.m. at their South Pioneer Street location!

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Participants registered for Onward Shay! will receive $1 off a pint of the IPA and those registering for any Onward Shay! distance at the brewery gets a FREE pint! There'll also be 6 packs available for purchase and other fabulous Onward Shay raffle prizes!

Fun Fact: The race begins and ends at Payette Brewing Company!

Learn more about the party HERE or Onward Shay! HERE.