I wasn't going to watch, but now I'll have to check out the new season of the Bachelorette!


I got hooked on the last season of the Bachelor and Iowa's "Prince Farming."  I think the Bachelor may have actually found love on the last season and that the couple is still engaged and plans to get married.  However, I'm still curious as to what will happen to them if the woman he picked ever decides to watch all the episodes and sees him on all the "dates" he went on with the other women on the show.   For now she says she hasn't ever watched all of them and doesn't plan to...hope she can keep the lid on THAT Pandora's box!

Anyway, I wasn't planning on watching the next season of singles looking for a mate until I stumbled across this:

According to Reality Steve when ABC's "Bachelorette" kicks off May 18th with 2 ladies (new twist) Kaitlyn and Britt looking for love, one of the dudes they'll get to choose from will be this guy from Kuna!  Do you know him?  Did YOU ever date him?  Does he even like roses?

Joshua Albers: 31, Kuna, Idaho. Graduated Idaho St. University with a B.S. in theater in 2007 and an associates degree in welding in 2009. Works for Knight Industrial, a fabrication and installation company. Dad owns a welding business and he’s traveled the world the last few years welding in mines and power plants. Was most recently in Hawaii. He even lived in Las Vegas for a year.



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