I remember when I went to driving school, the instructor would always preach about being early as one of the safest driving precautions you could take. If you were in a rush, you were more likely to make a mistake on the road resulting in a traffic fine or worse, an accident.

I think about that to this day and despite that thought, every now and then I find myself rushing. I'm also pretty confident that I'm not the only one who has encountered the issue of "multitasking" to make up for the lost time. I can say that with such confidence solely on the fact from what we've heard, from you, our very own audience, on what were the weirdest things you've seen people doing on the road.

Thanks to the power of social media, we asked you what crazy things you've seen people doing behind the wheel and your answers certainly didn't disappoint. When reading many of them, I suddenly didn't feel so bad for the few times I vacuumed a ham and cheese sandwich from the gas station while waiting at a red light. I get it!

We get so busy and for many of us, that means trying to capitalize on a meal where you can. For others, it can mean trying to get ready for the day, and for others, well... it can mean choosing to risk it all for a YouTube video they're watching on their dashboard.

People are crazy out there and I would love to hear more of what you've seen on the road. What is the craziest thing you've seen someone do behind the wheel? Share it with me here or send us a voice message using an Open Mic feature on the app!

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