Taylor Swift is arguably the most recognizable celebrity on the planet. The world was captivated by her when she broke through as a young country artist and now she runs the world as a global icon. No, seriously - Taylor Swift rules the planet and I wouldn't even consider myself a "Swifty." I actually wish I could say that she doesn't rule the planet but proof of her reach is taking place right here in our backyard, in the Treasure Valley.

KTVB recently reported that a Nampa woman named Emily Cloud offered a free wedding venue to anyone willing to hook her up with Taylor Swift concert tickets. An offer that KTVB reports is worth $4,300 to rent.

That's some serious money and as we all know, wedding venues can be quite the process to book. Emily seems ready to make a deal as she's even posting to the venue's Instagram letting people know about her offer:

The venue looks pretty nice if I do say so myself but it's pretty amazing (or terrifying depending on how you look at it) to see how much influence one artist can have over an entire business. What if other businesses get in on this and the trend of bartering for tickets becomes a thing? We now know what lengths people will go to in an attempt to get Taylor Swift tickets!

I'm positive that this isn't the first time people have traded something incredibly valuable for tickets, especially for ol' T-Swift. As a matter of fact - I am genuinely curious as to how far people will go for Taylor Swift tickets. Just how much are you willing to give up and/or surrender for a glimpse at Taylor for a couple of hours? I would love to hear it about here.

It's time to accept it people: Taylor Swift runs Idaho.

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