"Jennifer Aniston, 54, Now Lives Alone in Boise"

Surprised? Confused? Feel like you missed a major memo? That's how we felt during the five minutes it took us to debunk the headline last week.

TS Media
TS Media

Sorry, friends. Jennifer Aniston doesn't own a home in Boise.

By the next day, we had all but forgotten about the fake news when it started popping up in feeds and ads across numerous sites and platforms the following week. For the record, we didn't click on the bogus article the first time it appeared. So we're pretty sure we didn't bring this on ourselves.

Seven days and 30+ bogus articles later, the idea of Jen living in Boise had grown on us. Given everything we know about Jen's personality, her hobbies, and her interest in real estate, we could totally see her relocating to Idaho.

Jennifer Aniston's Idaho Vacation with Jimmy Kimmel

Jen's recent attendance at close friend Jimmy Kimmel's barbeque hosted at the Southfork Lodge in Lowman suggests she's already fond of the area and has ties here.

If she were to make the move to Idaho, she'd be no different than the droves of Californians following their friends and family starting anew in the Gem State, which brings us to our point.

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We would love for Jen to be the next celebrity to move to Idaho! Why not? A Sun Valley home would make a beautiful addition to her robust real estate portfolio.

How serious are we? Being the long-time fans we are, we drummed up seven reasons the screen queen would take to Idaho living in the gallery below!

7 Reasons Jennifer Aniston Would Love Idaho Living

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Celebrities Who Own Property in Idaho

While a few have childhood ties to Idaho many of the following celebrities fell in love with the gem state a little later in life..

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9 Idaho Cities And Their Most Famous Celebrities

Here's a look at the Idaho cities and their most Wikipedia-searched celebrities according to The Pudding.

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How Much Do Celebrities Really Pay For Luxurious Idaho Vacations?

We have planned out a vacation to Sun Valley fit for a celebrity. The total cost is $16,070. Here is how it all breaks down.

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