'Home Alone' is a holiday classic that we all know and love. The plot is simple, minus the family there are only a few characters, and of course, you have the festive feel throughout the film that is perfect for Christmas.

Now, we know that it's a classic but what about all of the crimes committed in the movie? What if this movie took place in the state of Idaho and the wet bandits were charged under Idaho law? Better yet - is Kevin McAllister justified in his actions or is he guilty of committing crimes as well?

Movie Night via Youtube
Movie Night via Youtube

While the crimes Harry and Marv commit are pretty obvious, Kevin might have some explaining to do before getting off clean. Sure, the kid is protecting his house, his family's belongings (when not using them as traps), and defending himself from potentially being killed by these criminals... but it turns out Idaho law would still put Kevin under a microscope for his use of traps.

Honestly, the traps could likely kill most people or at the very least send the wet bandits to the emergency room. Have you ever met anyone who's walked away from taking a blow torch to the head? Never mind the fact that these criminals have stamina and pain tolerances that are borderline superhuman. If Kevin had killed them, would Idaho law protect him?

There is an entire legal analysis from law student, Steve Cady on every single law broken in 'Home Alone' but unfortunately for us, the link is broken. We all know laws vary from state to state and while some of the actions would be illegal in other states, they may not be in Idaho.

Let's get to it! If I missed a law or three, I would love to hear about it here!

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